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Integration of Miro & Google Meet for Smooth Team Collaboration

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The pandemic has introduced virtual meetings, which previously existed but were not widely used. The need for a great meeting platform with all the possible features for smooth collaboration was the need of the time and is even today. Since the pandemic, Google Meet has become one of the most used tools for team collaboration.  

A smooth team collaboration by Google Meet allows everyone to participate, no matter where they are. The best meeting experience includes understanding the meeting objective, access to all collaboration tools for every team member, and a clear action plan while walking away. And Google Meet has left no stone unturned to provide smooth team collaboration.  

Today, there are more than 100 features in Google Meet. Starting from hand-raise, polls, Q&A, and jam board app integration. All the features are integrated, to achieve its objective, even outside the conference room.  

Recently, they took one step forward toward more smooth team collaboration. The integration of Google Meet and Miro, the third-party online collaboration whiteboarding application  

Miro & Meetup 

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform with a set of visual tools that help you with brainstorming, ideation, planning, and collaboration. You can either create a new board, continue to work on an existing one, or work on the one attached to your invite. There is no need to have a Miro account. A guest can give you access to the smart board and save it for 24 hours.  

How Does Integration Work?  

When a team launches a meeting through Google Meet, the new integration will allow all teammates to use Miro from the activities panel. Everyone in a meeting will have access to the same tools and resources. In real-time everyone can create sticky notes, Mapping & Diagramming, give voting, live reactions, and many more.  

Google Meet Extending  

Google Meet is extending its feature day by day and working towards making it the first for all users. Miro is one of its steps in extending its power. The collaboration of Google Meet with powerful third-party tools resulted in a great user experience. Their goal is to bring all-powerful collaboration experiences to the Meet. Making work smoothly together while reducing application switching. So that it creates, saves time, and helps achieve more.

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