5 Design Careers in Tech

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Are you a right-brained thinker? Do you inject creativity into all your work? Do you have an aesthetic presence on social media? Then you are like me!  

Using your artistic hands, a keen eye for design, and a well-chosen color scheme that will help you keep the best piece of your social media!!  

Do you know that this right-brained thinker can be paid for having artistic hands, a keen eye for design, and a great sense of color?    

You read that correctly.  

You can choose the ideal career with technology if you’re creative. The tech industry really needs your innovative mind. If you have any experience in media, marketing, or coding, that is a huge benefit. You can still find a well-paying career even if you don’t have a degree in computer science.   

Depending on your skill set, expertise, and area of interest, there are many chances for a design career in the tech industry. Most of the highest paying positions are in UI and AR, with web and game designers being additional creative minds the tech industry needs.   

There are many new babies coming into this design world, so here’s a list of the top five design careers you should consider. Let’s get going. 

1. Websites Designer/Developer 

A web developer is the person that creates the entire website, from the layout to the features and functionality, per the client’s requirements. Sometimes, depending on the organization, the web developer actually codes while the web designer designs it using tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. However, sometimes the entire procedure is grouped under one job position.  

2. Visual Designer  

Take the paper and pen, and simply redesign your favorite brand’s logo. You can change the color, font, or image of anything. Visual designers are the creative brains behind it. They add an artistic viewpoint to the technical standpoint. They create websites, brochures, product designs, commercials, and logos.  

3. UI/UX Designer 

Name one app that you find to be both aesthetically stunning and engaging. Whichever it is, trust me, the UI/UX design is as good as it gets it done with its creativity. A UI designer is a person who develops the user interfaces and graphic designs for websites and mobile applications. A UX designer, on the other hand, incorporates features and designed components to make users of websites and mobile apps more engaged.  

4. Augmented Reality Designer 

Do you know the video game Pokémon, which merges the virtual and physical world, where individuals go to search for and collect Pokémon in their community? This was developed by this great mind. One of the markets with the fastest growth is this one. The AR designer seamlessly layers the digital world with the physical one, supplying a real-life physical experience to the user.  

5. Game Designer 

Video games have never lost their appeal, from the first Pac-Man by Namco to the PS5 of today. Technology is advancing daily. Gaming stations are developing alongside technology. The essence of the game, the rulebook, the characters, and the setting are all created by the game developers. Game designers typically handle issue solving, concept development, and player action analysis instead of coding.  


Don’t limit yourself too much! The tech industry is booming and actively seeking out fresh minds. You can create a good living using your design skills in combination with a few technological tools. If you enjoy design and want to work in technology, there is no better time than the present to begin job searching and applying than now. Go and grab your creative chair now!

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