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Blockchain Technology: All You Need to Know

Blockchain Technology All You Need to Know
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Blockchain is a digitalized ledger, which has been gaining a lot of attention and focus these days. Want to know why it is so popular!?

Keeping records of data and all kinds of transactions is important in all businesses. Most often, this information is handled in-house or is passed on to bankers or brokers; it is a lengthy process indeed. But blockchain avoids this lengthy process and initiates faster movement of the transaction, hence saving both time and money. Most people assume Blockchain and Bitcoin are the same thing, but Blockchain is a technology that supports various applications, in multiple industries like finance, manufacturing, sales, etc., but Bitcoin is a currency that depends on Blockchain technology to be safe.

Blockchain Technology Operation

In the few past years, we have observed many businesses encouraging Blockchain Technology. But how does it work?

Let us know what the potential is and what are the combination types of technology.

Coding Keys: Coding keys consist of two keys; public key and private key. These keys play the role of a bridge to initiate a successful transaction between two parties. Everyone has two keys, which they use for their digital identity reference. This identity reference is the most important part of Blockchain Technology.

Pros and Cons of Blockchain Technology

One of the advantages of Blockchain Technology is the level of security it provides, can connect as a bridge in protecting any kind of sensitive data from digital transactions. For anyone who wants a fast and convenient transaction, Blockchain can be a good provider. One of the plus points of Blockchain is, that there is no interference of any kind of financial institutes, government organizations or any such thing, which can be considered as an advantage.

Blockchain and cryptography include the use of private keys and public keys; but one of the disadvantages of private keys is, that if the person loses their private key, they will have to face numerous problems. Though the number of transactions per node is limited, there is another restriction of expansion, which sometimes takes a lot of time to finish multiple tasks. One of the most significant disadvantages of Blockchain is, that once the information is recorded, it becomes difficult to do any further editing.


After exploring deeply into Blockchain Technology, we can conclude that Blockchain has advantages as well as disadvantages. But, day by day, blockchains are becoming important in our daily lives. Despite having pros and cons, it has increased its importance in this modern digital world. Blockchain has not only entered finances, but also into the medical sector, agricultural sector, and many more.

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