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SD-WAN: The Network Foundation for the Future

SD-WAN: The Network Foundation for the Future

SD-WAN revolutionizes network connectivity with cloud-based solutions, bypassing central hubs for direct, secure connections to multiple locations. Its adoption surged during the pandemic, particularly among state governments and cities, as per the Center for Digital Government’s 2022 surveys.

With over 80% of states and 45% of cities already leveraging SD-WAN, its benefits are clear: reduced costs, improved service, and enhanced scalability.

Gain more insights into how SD-WAN is modernizing networks and cutting costs!

Explore this whitepaper to discover how SD-WAN offers agencies:

  • A cost-effective way to modernize aging networks
  • Reduction in the amount of in-house hardware they must manage
  • Consolidation of existing maintenance contracts and more!

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